Best Cat Litter for Odor Control – Get Rid of Pet Smell

Cats are adorable little fluffballs… but how can something so cute be so gross sometimes? cat litter boxes are notorious for emitting horrible odors that waft throughout the house.

yes, you could light some scented candles to combat the smell, but why not buy the best kitty litter you can to get rid of the smell altogether?

but finding the right kitty litter isn’t easy. with so many different types available, you need to zero in on one that meets your and your cat’s needs.

Does picking up debris make life difficult or is dust and tracking a problem? Or maybe you want a special feature, like litter that indicates your cat’s health.

If odor is becoming a problem for you, it’s worth prioritizing it and choosing a cat litter that specializes in controlling litter box odors. therefore, no odor control cat litter will work. these are some of the best out there.

our top picks for the best cat litter for odor control

Cat litter can use a variety of ingredients to help deal with an odor problem, such as charcoal, silica gel crystals, or anything else that is highly absorbent, trapping odor inside. some even include additional fragrances to mask the odor.

but cats are haughty and stubborn; they want the best and you must give it to them.

However, there are plenty of cat litters to choose from, so here are some of the best cat litters to control odors and keep both your cat and her nose happy.

1. Ökocat healthy pet litter

This premium, state-of-the-art clumping litter is plant-based, making it environmentally friendly. With more than 2.6 million tons of clumping litter sent to landfill each year, it’s time to make a change.

This clumping litter is made from sustainably sourced wood; it is biodegradable and ecological, but cannot be thrown away.

Being all-natural also has an added benefit for odor. Although no fragrances, dyes or chemicals are added to the litter, it still has a scent to mask odors, but is a vague and natural one that won’t irritate your cat.

It’s low in dust, so it doesn’t irritate you either. Wood fibers are sieved and remove as much dust as possible to reduce clouds left hanging in your home. however, it is not completely dust free and you will still experience some. even so, it generates less dust than other brands.

Wood fibers are also particularly absorbent, able to start absorbing as soon as liquid hits them. and it absorbs not only cat urine, but ammonia as well, trapping odors before they have a chance to stink up the room.

It is also a light wood clumping litter that clumps very well, making it easy to pick up and dispose of. in fact, it clumps so tightly that it won’t waste much sand, which means it can last up to seven weeks, making it more cost-effective despite being a more expensive option.


  • with natural aroma
  • clumps well
  • minimum tracking
  • sustainable and ecological
  • cons

    • a more expensive option
    • not washable
    • some reports of dust
    • 2. dr. elsey’s precious cat

      dr. Elsey’s litter uses vet-formulated solutions to keep both cats and owners happy. and by focusing more on pet welfare than profit, they can ensure this premium litter remains affordable.

      The pellets alone are awesome, with a soft texture for your cat’s paws that are just the right size to help reduce tracking. Since it is made entirely of bentonite clay, it is not environmentally friendly, but it does make an excellent clumping clay litter.

      clay absorbs effectively and prevents liquid from reaching the bottom, keeping the box clean and making debris easy to collect. however, it can be heavy, so you’ll need some sturdy garbage bags to dispose of it.

      despite being made of clay, it is low dust enough to help keep a house dust free. but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not a completely dust-free arena. however, it is hypoallergenic for anyone with allergies.

      Most importantly, it’s an excellent odor-controlling cat litter. Whether you live in a single cat household or multiple cats, dr. elsey’s cat litter keeps your home smelling fresh, absorbs any liquids and traps litter box odors inside.


      • affordable
      • excellent kitty litter for better odor control
      • unscented
      • great for clumping and easy cleanup
      • hypoallergenic
      • low tracking
      • low dust levels
      • cons

        • clay sand is heavier than others
        • not dust free
        • 3. fresh step extreme odor control

          if your cat odor is really starting to ruin your home, what could be better than an odor-controlling cat litter with the word “extreme” in its name?

          This scented kitty litter is blended with febreze for maximum odor control and works two ways. First, it deodorizes any odors with Febreze, making your home smell as fresh and clean as a mountain spring.

          Second, it uses activated carbon and ammonia blocking technology to eliminate any odors. It’s guaranteed to control odors for 10 days, even if you have a lot of cats using it!

          Thanks to its low dust levels, it makes it easy to keep your home clean, with no dust on surfaces or dusty paws everywhere. however, it is not completely dust free.

          with clumplock technology, its effective clumping makes litter box cleanup easy and absorbs liquid to create tight, hard clumps that won’t crumble.

          buying this litter can also help cats in need. Fresh Step supports over 1,300 animal shelters in the US. uu. and donates more than 6 million scoops of fresh step litter to help them.


          • affordable
          • traps odors inside the sand
          • odor control guaranteed for 10 days
          • clumplock technology allows for easy pick up
          • scented to mask bad odors
          • cons

            • some cats may dislike the smell
            • users report more dust than expected
            • 4. cat pride total odor control

              Cat’s Pride cat litter uses its patented maximum strength formula to trap odors, eliminating them immediately and not even giving them a chance to release an odor in the first place. and guarantees this level of odor control for up to 10 days. With no added scents or fragrances, it’s also perfect for cats with sensitive noses.

              As a clumping cat litter, it creates tight clumps for easy scoop-up and disposal. but some users have found that the solid clumps are not as compact as other cat litters, sometimes sticking to the sides of the litter box and causing tracking.

              but since it’s 25% lighter than traditional clumping kitty litter, it’s easier to pour and dispose of in the trash.

              cat’s pride also makes donations to animal welfare organizations. With over 3 million cats entering shelters each year, buying this litter is a way to do your bit to help. every jar of litter you buy results in a pound of litter being donated, helping other cats as well as yours.


              • effective odor control
              • absorbs in clumps
              • light
              • low dust levels
              • donate to animal welfare organizations
              • cons

                • super soft clumps may require additional cleaning
                • results in some tracking
                • 5. cats ordered free & clean

                  purina tidy cats is america’s number one litter brand and for good reason: it does the job right!

                  Although unscented, this litter has 4-in-1 strength that fights urine, feces, ammonia, and bacteria odors for up to 10 days. no added fragrances are needed as the included activated charcoal can absorb odors and prevent them from lingering and spreading throughout your home.

                  In addition to odors, it also absorbs liquids and clumps well, forming tight clumps that are easy to pick up.

                  It’s also low dust, allowing for a clean pour without a lot of dust to clean up. however, it is not completely dust free and will not eliminate the need for cleaning, especially as some traces may result.


                  • affordable
                  • control of odors for 10 days
                  • uses tidylock technology and carbon for maximum odor control
                  • unscented for sensitive noses
                  • very low dust
                  • cons

                    • may cause some tracking
                    • not completely dust free
                    • what to look for in the best overall cat litter for odor control

                      When looking for the best kitty litter, don’t settle for the first one you find that claims to control odors; many claim to do so.

                      you want to find a litter that absorbs cat litter effectively, clumps well so it’s easy to pick up, and doesn’t create a messy pile that your cat drags around the house.

                      These are the top things cat owners should look for and consider when buying kitty litter for superior odor control.


                      The most common material is probably clay cat litter, made specifically from bentonite clay. It’s affordable, effective, and bundles well for easy pick up. however, it is not biodegradable or environmentally friendly. Silica gel is also a great option as it captures odors and neutralizes them. Natural garbage is also available, using materials such as wood, corn, wheat and paper. These cat litters are biodegradable and eco-friendly with lower dust levels. many of them can even be thrown away, making it easy to dispose of!


                      It’s crucial that the litter absorbs the liquid, otherwise the bottom of the litter box will become soggy with urine and emit an unbearable odor. the clay is highly absorbent, as are many natural cat litters. crystal hygienic litter is even more so; With millions of pores in each grain, it is highly effective at absorbing liquids and trapping odors.

                      agglomeration capacity

                      clumping isn’t necessary, but it makes picking up the litter easy and keeps the litter box clean. clay is particularly great as bentonite clay collects into hard clumps that are easier to remove. however, other materials can also be grouped well.


                      Cat litter should stay in the litter box, but it often ends up on the floor when it sticks to your cat’s paw. however, there are some cat litters that track more than others, such as those with larger grains. if you don’t want to end up cleaning your floor frequently, look for kitty litter that promises minimal traces.

                      odor control

                      Some cat litters use fragrances to combat odor, but many cats have sensitive noses and don’t like this. That’s why you should look for unscented litter that neutralizes odors, rather than just masking them. Ideally, standard litter includes other odor-neutralizing ingredients, such as baking soda or activated charcoal.

                      frequently asked questions

                      kitty litter isn’t as simple as filling a box and putting it down. you need to know what kind of kitty litter to buy, how often to change it…and a few tips to make it smell better won’t hurt!

                      is clumping or non-clumping litter better?

                      This isn’t always an easy answer, it’s often a personal decision for you and your cat.

                      A quick word of caution though: If you have a kitty, try to use non-clumping kitty litter. there is a risk that the small clumps they create could be a choking hazard if put in their mouths.

                      In general, it’s often easier to choose clumping litter. they tend to leave fewer footprints and it’s much easier to clean up after your cat is gone.

                      How often should I change the cat litter?

                      Luckily, you don’t need to change the entire litter box every time your cat goes to the bathroom. but ideally, you want to clean their dirty litter every time they go to the bathroom.

                      Try to take out your waste at least twice a day in the morning and at night. this prevents your cat from becoming fussy and causing an accident. alternatively, you can always get an automatic litter box to do it all for you!

                      You should also change the entire litter box regularly, but not as often. jot down about once a week, unless otherwise noted. For example, some cat litters claim to control litter odors for up to 10 days, so try to change that type of litter every week and a half.

                      what can you put in the kitty litter to make it smell better?

                      There’s nothing like a stinky litter box to ruin a perfect home. luckily for you, there are a number of things you can do to reduce litter box odor: clean the litter box regularly, wash it every month or so, and keep it in a well-ventilated area.

                      You can even add things to a litter box to improve the smell too. some litters already include ingredients like activated charcoal to remove odors, but you can always add a bit of baking soda.

                      It may sound strange, but it’s safe for cats and acts as a natural deodorant, reducing odor by absorbing odors.

                      final thoughts

                      Litter boxing for your cat can seem like a chore at times, an unfortunate part of owning a cat. but with the right kitty litter, you can make cleaning up after them so much easier.

                      and with odor-controlling cat litter, you can keep your home smelling fresh and fresh no matter how often your cat goes to the bathroom.

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