Who Is Fort Minor?

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Who Is Fort Minor?

Starting in 2004, Fort Minor is a side project created by Mike Shinoda. Before starting the project, Mike Shinoda is well known for being one of the band members of Linkin Park. The project focused on the hip-hop genre and is known for collaborating with big names in this music genre.

The first singles released under the Fort Minor's name is Fort Minor: We Major, a mixtape that acted as a promotion for their actual first album The Rising Tide. The Rising Tide reached success with some songs being on the Billboard Top 100.

What Bands/Artists Did Fort Minor Collaborate With?

The leader of the project was Mike Shinoda. Mike Shinoda was a band member of the famous rock band Linkin Park. He was the band's rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and rapper. For the project, Mike Shinoda collaborated with other hip-hop groups or artists for the mixtapes and The Rising Tide album.

Styles Of Beyond

When the project first began, Mike Shinoda collaborated with band members of the hip-hop band Styles Of Beyond. He mostly worked with Ryan Patrick Maginn and Takbir Bashir, lead singers of Styles Of Beyond. They were also featured on seven songs on the album The Rising Tide.

DJ Green

Besides Styles Of Beyond, Mike Shinoda also worked with DJ Green. DJ Green became the head of Shady Records after DJ Head resigned. DJ Green worked with Mike Shinoda for the Fort Minor: We Major mixtape. The mixtape served as promotional material for The Rising Tide studio album for the Fort Minor project.

Other Artists/Bands

Mike Shinoda also featured other prominent figures of the hip-hop genre for The Rising Tide album. These include Jay-Z (who helped as a producer of The Rising Tide), Common, John Legend, Black Thought, Lupe Fiasco, Kenna, Eric Bobo, Sixx John, and Celph Titled.

How Many Albums Does Fort Minor Have?

Fort Minor only had one major studio album titled The Rising Tied. Released in 2005, The Rising Tied reached success with some songs on the album reaching the Billboard Top 100. Here are a few popular songs from that album:

* Petrified (The first song to have a music video)
* Remember The Name (Number 66 on Billboard. It was also used for trailers of movies or TV Shows like Karate Kid or The Smurfs 2).
* Where'd You Go (Awarded for the best ringtone in 2006)
* Kenji (a song that talks about Japanese-American experiences in America during World War II)

The album as a whole was on the 89th position on the top 200 albums on Billboard. Fort Minor also released mixtapes or single EPs under the project's name.

Is Fort Minor Still Going On?

The state of Fort Minor is unknown. Mike Shinoda stated on the podcast The Green Room with Neil Griffiths that he doesn't know what is next for Fort Minor. He also talked about how Fort Minor was made popular due to the many features on The Rising Tide album. However, since the death of the lead singer of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda started releasing songs under his name.