The Meaning of "Glorify" by Jordan Feliz

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Jordan Feliz is an up-and-coming Christian musician with over 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Some of his most popular songs include "The River" off of his album _Beloved_ and the songs "Witness" and "Changed" off of his album _Future_. His most popular release off of his new album _Say It_ is the song "Glorify". "Glorify" was released in the summer of 2020, his album coming later in December of 2020. This was only a few months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and shows just how hard of an adjustment period it was for millions of people, including Feliz.

In an interview with American Songwriter Feliz explains that "Glorify" is "a call to say thank you and lift high the name of Jesus." He explains that the period before he released "Glorify" he was feeling severely anxious and depressed and came out of that extremely grateful to God for healing him. This is a large reason the song resonated so well with his audience. A lot of Christians, like Feliz, turned to God in their hardest times. The pandemic brought about a lot of challenges regarding traditional worship. People could no longer gather and worship together as a group and lean on each other and their pastor in person, which is a very important element of a church for a lot of people. Feliz's music served as a bright spot in a dark time, showing that it was still possible for Jesus to lift people up despite all the challenges they faced. Feliz expressed in the American Songwriter interview that he wants people to know that "every single song on this record is [his] heart bleeding gratefulness and thankfulness for what [Jesus] is" and wants to show his audience the positive impact Jesus can make on someone's life. By taking the dark feelings he experienced during the pandemic and turning it into a happy, praise-filled song celebrating Jesus and all the good he does he hopes to show the world just how grateful he is for Jesus in his life. He stated in an interview with News Release Today that "[he wants] this song to launch someone into a mentality of joy that can only come from the Lord." In the same interview, he says he feels like the word 'glorify' summarizes his entire life and what he wants his life to represent and he expresses that through this song.

For Feliz vulnerability was a key theme in developing "Glorify" and _Say It_ as a whole. In the interview with News Release Today, he states when searching for what to make new music about God told him to "say everything that's on [his] heart, say everything [he's] been through, and be as vulnerable as possible". He exemplifies that in his choice to release "Glorify" live. He stated that he "wants people to feel like they can hear [his] soul when [he's] singing" and wants "people to hear the authenticity and honesty of who [he] is." There is no better format to connect to people through live and emotional music. By putting out a video of him singing and worshipping live it is clear to audiences just how much Jesus moves him.