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This purina brand aims to go above and beyond to provide high-quality, nutritious natural foods for pets. but is beyond really a good choice for your cat? find out in our unbiased cat food review beyond.

the standard we are all cats: qualify beyond what matters

We further tested it and rated it against the we’re all about cats standard, evaluating the brand based on species suitability, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience and withdrawal history. Here’s how you rate in each of these six key areas.

we give Beyond Cat Food a rating of 41 out of 60 or a B rating.

about the afterlife

beyond is a nestlé-purina brand that emphasizes natural ingredients and traceability. The brand is Purina’s response to the growing demand for natural foods made with simple, identifiable ingredients.

The purina company dates back to 1894 and has become a leader in the pet food industry ever since. In addition to Beyond, the Purina Company owns pet food brands including Friskies, Fancy Fest, Kit & kaboodle, muse and more.

beyond video review

sourcing and manufacturing

Most, but not all, of the ingredients used in beyond cat food come from north america. The company also purchases ingredients from France, Japan, China, New Zealand, Chile, and other countries. As part of the brand’s traceability guarantee, they provide sourcing information for each ingredient. their ingredient guide shares the origins of all grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids used in purina beyond food.

all of its suppliers are approved through a 32-step evaluation process, taking into account the supplier’s business integrity, health and safety standards, labor standards, and environmental standards.

Like other Purina brands, Beyond cat food is manufactured in a Purina-owned facility in the United States.

has beyond cat food been recalled?

purina beyond cat food has never been recalled, but other purina brands have been recalled multiple times. Because they are manufactured in the same facility, recalls that affect other Purina brands may also affect Purina beyond.

what kind of cat food does beyond offer?

beyond’s line of cat food includes wet cat food, dry cat food and treats. all más allá foods are made without artificial additives, including colors, flavors and preservatives, and are covered by the traceability guarantee.

grain free

This line includes wet and dry foods. all purina beyond grain free foods are free of corn, wheat and soy.


this line includes two recipes. one is dry food and the other is a wet recipe. Compared to recipes from other lines, beyond indoor has 10% less fat, plus added fiber and antioxidants for immune health.

simple non-transgenic sources

all the foods in this line are canned recipes that have been certified GMO-free by the non-gmo project.


The wild line includes dry and moist foods. Their dry foods are 38% protein, grain-free, and include freeze-dried meat chunks. its wet recipes are meat-based foods made with offal and muscles and without grains.

Beyond Cat Food: Top 3 Recipes Review

what do customers think beyond cat food?

purina beyond is a highly regarded brand that receives consistently positive reviews. Customers on Amazon and Chevy give it four to five star reviews, with most dry foods receiving 4.5 stars or higher. Here’s what some real customers have to say.

positive reviews

“I have 50 cats that I have rescued or saved for forever homes. You can imagine all the cat foods I’ve tried. It’s a bit expensive though (because I’m feeding 50 cats). this is the only meal that the dishes are empty for the next feeding. it’s grain free and gluten free, we also mix it with ocean white fish. not many stores sell this chicken in the 16 pound bag. thanks chewy!” – nicky, reviewing Beyond White Meat Chicken & egg recipe dry cat food without grains

“I’ve spent hundreds on healthy cat food and couldn’t get my cat to eat it. I saw spinach and greens on the label and lost hope. but…I put it on the plate and he ate it. she not only ate it but inhaled it. I can’t tell you how happy I am! shocked!” – marley, revisiting beyond turkey, sweet potato & Grain-free wet cat food with spinach

negative reviews

“I ordered this because it says no poultry by-product meal. if he hadn’t read the bag when he arrived, my cat could have been very sick; if not worse. he clearly says on the bag that he has poultry. I called & i got my money back please read the ingredients before giving it to your kitty no matter what you read online!” – dani227, reviewing Beyond Ocean Whitefish & egg recipe dry cat food without grains

“My cats won’t eat. It looks gross and the smell will not buy again. stick with american trip” – lori, checking out past turkey, sweet potato & cereal-free wet cat food recipe with spinach

how much does beyond cat food cost?

purina beyond cat food is a moderately priced brand. when broken down into daily feed costs, beyond dry food it will cost between $0.34 and $0.42 per day for a 10 pound cat. Beyond’s wild wet recipes would cost around $3.63 per day and Beyond’s line of grain-free wet foods would cost closer to $3.09 per day.

overall, is it beyond a good choice?

thanks to the quality of its ingredients and the absence of potentially harmful additives, purina beyond seems to be one of the best brands in the purina family.

While most of its dry foods and some of its wet recipes are high in carbohydrates and plant inclusions, Purina Beyond Wild Canned Foods stands out for its low plant content and use of organ meats selected.

where is beyond cat food sold?

beyond is available in department stores, supermarkets and some pet stores. online, you can buy purina beyond cat food through target, petsmart, chevy, amazon, and walmart.

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