Pure Imagination: A Song About Your Mindset

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Today we associate songs made specifically for movies, as low quality. We don't believe them to be proper works of art because they were made solely as a commercial product. Rarely does a song made for a movie sprout up that blows our expectations out of the water. "Pure Imagination" is one such song, an incredible display of ingenuity and with a message of resilience.


The intro sets the tone. A man is speaking directly to us, commanding us to take a moment to wonder and dream. It's almost as if we are being instructed to give our inner child a chance at living once more:

_"Hold your breath and make a wish"_

The first two lines of the first verse make us believe that physically, we have been whisked away to a land far off. We are no longer where we once stood. But it's the ending half of the first verse that lets us know that this is more of a mental journey that we are going through with this mysterious man. Blatantly telling us that all we need to do is "look and see" and that we will be staring into our own imaginations.

_"_Into your imaginations_"_

It almost seems as if there is a tug-of-war taking place within the lyrics. First, we are looking into our own imaginations but then the next verse quickly spins us into a new direction. Now the mysterious man is telling us that we are traveling in a world of his creation. He goes on to further explain that we will be unable to comprehend what we are about to see. These lines add credence to the idea that this song is about looking within and seeing the marvels of our minds. It is not possible to be quickly transported from one world to the other in a matter of seconds. Unless we happen to be taking turns leaping into one another's mental states.


This song was written for the incredible 1971 film, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, the film is about a young boy that is taken on a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. It is an incredible and magical world, in which anything can happen. You are probably thinking that this is what the song is referring to, not our minds but the chocolate factory itself.

The song's chorus completely contradicts this notion:

_"If you want to look at paradise__It's simple, look around and view it"_

The mysterious man leaves us no wiggle room, our perspective shapes our world. This is the central message of the song, what we choose to occupy our minds with is what our world becomes. If you ever truly want to reach a beautiful place, you have to see it first within your mind's eye.

The song's third verse proves this idea once more. The mysterious man tells us that there is no life that he knows of that can compare with pure imagination.

Pure Imagination is a song about realizing that our minds are capable of taking us anywhere, even to the most wonderful of places.