Chubby sphynx cat Boo lost over a third of his body weight, going

he was always a playful kid (image: @adventuresofcatchild)

boo was a big kid when courtney haney first rescued him in 2014.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a little litter in the trunk, it’s recommended that cats of this breed weigh between 8 and 11 pounds to avoid health problems. boo originally weighed 24 pounds.

He has lost a whopping 8 pounds, which is a third of his body weight, and according to his vets, he is now a healthy boy.

courtney adopted boo from another owner who was struggling to restrict her food intake. she told ‘her original family of hers could no longer support him because their little boy was allergic. so they kept him isolated in a separate part of his house with food 24/7.’

He was always an adorable cat bread, and was apparently “really adorable” and “practically wanted constant attention and tummy rubs.”

boo is a rare breed called a pixie, a mix of sphynx and american curl. this gives it its unique upturned ears along with the classic sphynx hairless coat.

he lives with a sphinx cat named lamb and a dog named penny lane, and they are apparently “partners in crime”.

“after we adopted him, we put him and our other sphynx on a feeding schedule,” courtney says. the two cats “get wet food twice a day and also a few small spoonfuls of dry food throughout the day.”

He also has an exercise routine to help him snap out of his previous low-interaction slump. boo plays fetch and also engages in the classic feline activity of chasing a laser light to stay active.

having a more structured lifestyle has clearly been invaluable to the cat, boo also loves downtime: “he’ll go right over to the guests in our house and sit on their laps and everyone will say they want to take him to house”. he gets along great with our other cat for the most part. from time to time they run around the house fighting among themselves, but that is typical of all brothers.”

It might seem like his life is pretty much all an elf could need, but some people on the internet tried to shame him when courtney first shared photos of him.

when he found a place where he would be accepted for who he is (this cat is c h o n k y facebook group), the love poured out.

Over 10,000 people liked boo’s progress pictures, and the comments were positive about her progress and smoothness before losing weight.

one user said: “all i want is to bury my face in their soft round hippo belly” and another commented: “why would they mean this glorious chonk?” others correctly pointed out that what has been lost in weight has been gained in smooth, easy-to-caress sphincter wrinkles.

It’s all been a happy ending for boo, and we’re glad he didn’t let peer pressure get him down and lost weight solely for himself. you can follow courtney’s puppies on his instagram.

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