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There’s no way you can’t love cats, especially when it comes to cats in minecraft. they are unique, friendly, and even give gifts to players. Also, you can use an army of cats to make yourself immune against creepers and ghosts. but all that is only possible if you know how to raise cats in minecraft. you have to prepare a breeding area, collect food and obviously find cats to breed. all these steps can seem a bit overwhelming. But lucky for you, we’ve covered everything you need to know about raising cats in minecraft in this guide. So let’s not waste time and get started.

breeding cats in minecraft: step by step guide (2022)

There are several steps involved in raising cats in minecraft, and we’ve divided our guide into easy-to-understand segments for your convenience. you can use this guide in both minecraft java and bedrock edition.

types of cats in minecraft

Cats are friendly passive mobs in minecraft that players can easily tame. once tamed, cats follow their owners and help keep mobs (ghosts and creepers) away from them. they are also immune to fall damage like parrots. therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping them safe in most cases.

in terms of skins, there can be 11 types or breeds of cats in minecraft. the differences in these types are only cosmetic. They do not affect the behavior of the cat. these include:

  • black
  • British shorthair
  • calico
  • Jello
  • persian
  • rag doll
  • red
  • Siamese
  • Kitten
  • tuxedo
  • white
  • requirements for raising cats in minecraft

    to raise a cat, you need the following:

    • two adult cats (they do not have to be the same variant)
    • two raw salmon or two raw codfish (at least)
    • building blocks or fences to catch (optional)
    • how to find and tame cats

      unlike villager breeding or most mobs in the game, you can’t just trap cats and hope they stay there. they are fast right now and can fit through very small spaces. Furthermore, they are too useful not to be tamed and saved. therefore, you must first feed them raw salmon or raw cod to make them your pets.

      due to the similarity in the taming and breeding process, you cannot raise a stray cat without first taming it in a survival world. but before that, you have to visit swampy villages and cottages to find cats. This whole process can take some time. So, we already have a guide to easily tame cats in minecraft. you can use the linked guide to get at least two adult cats for the breeding process.

      minecraft cat food

      As mentioned above, you should feed raw salmon or raw cod to breed and tame cats. Fortunately, you can easily find these two foods in minecraft lakes and rivers. once found, you can use a fishing rod to catch them. but the most popular and fastest option is to dive into the water and kill them manually.

      We need at least 2 raw salmon or 2 raw cod for the breeding process. you can also feed them interchangeably.

      how to make a hatchery

      Because cats are domesticated, they don’t need a fully covered breeding area. unless the cat is sitting, it will follow you and even teleport to your side. additionally, baby cats that spawn in breeding areas are automatically tamed as well. so you don’t need a breeding area, but you can create a rest area for your cats.

      If you’re just starting out, a 4 x 4 seating area should be more than enough. You can always expand when needed. some players also add a roof to the structure for protection from lightning strikes, but that is strictly optional.

      how to raise cats in minecraft

      with everything ready, now it’s time to raise cats in minecraft. the breeding process is simple. You just have to feed your two tame cats until hearts appear over their heads and a baby cat appears.

      However, before you begin, note the following properties:

      • playbackdoesn’t work if the cat is sitting down, so make sure it stands empty-handed.
      • the baby cat shares the variant with one of its parents, but the chances of each variant are equal.
      • all cats have to wait at least 5 minutes before they can breed again.
      • frequently asked questions

        p. Who will the baby cat belong to if the parent cats have different owners?

        The spawned baby cat will be automatically tamed and will belong to one of the parent cat owners. both owners have equal opportunities and the selection of the cat’s color does not affect the selection of the owner.

        p. how to cure my cat in minecraft?

        You can cure your cat by feeding it raw cod or raw salmon. this food also helps baby cats grow faster.

        p. what is the rarest type of cat in minecraft?

        most gamers believe that siamese cats are the rarest type of cat in minecraft. There are a total of 11 types of cats in the game.

        p. will a cat follow you in minecraft?

        Once you’ve tamed a cat, it will follow you wherever you go. It won’t stay at your feet at all times, but it won’t stray too far as you explore.

        breed cats easily in minecraft today

        with that, you now know how to raise cats in minecraft in no time. you can use our guide to create a cat farm in survival game mode and even on the best minecraft servers. we’re sure most players will welcome their feline friends to their bases as well. Then once you’re ready, you can use the same breeding tactics to raise axolotls in minecraft. They aren’t tamable like cats, but they certainly make your Minecraft biomes feel more lively. As for cats, you can download and install custom maps in minecraft to create special areas and bases dedicated to them. many players even have Egyptian-style temples for cats in the game. That being said, what is your favorite type (or breed) of cats in Minecraft? tell us in the comments!

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